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Modern method of heroin detoxification

Thanks to well-thought-out pharmacological combinations, Smart Heroin Detox makes it possible to get rid of heroin in a gentle, pain and stress-free approach. Smart Heroin Detox is a form of preparation for the protection against relapse with the help of a Naltrexone implant

Review of 4g heroin detox method (England)

This type of heroin detox method is distinguished by a specific way of combining medications based on their synergy. Mutual addition and enhancement of the therapeutic effects of many medications provide important advantages: 

- heroin detox is easier, more comfortable, and faster because you can work with small doses and avoid unwanted and prolonged side effects of medications 

- analgesia and sedation are much more successful because the pharmacological effects are summed up, prolonged, and mutually potentiated 

- the principle of “cold turkey syndrome” prevention means that knowing well the sequence and time of occurrence of various symptoms of heroin withdrawal, we foresee them in advance and protect the patient before they develop

 - out-of-hospital regimen, because treatment with medications in smaller doses is safer and does not require continuous medical supervision 

- high adaptability - the treatment regimen changes daily, easily adapts to changes in the patient's condition, and can be increased at any time as needed. 

- a good level of vitality means that the patient is constantly available for contact, can easily wake up and talk, and quickly becomes fully functional, active, and even energetic 

- quick readiness for implantation, because after smaller doses of medications it is easier to make a full preparation for the Naltrexone chip, as a form of long-term protection against relapse 

See our Irish patient's feedback about SMART HEROIN DETOX 


1. The patient lives in a comfortable apartment and avoids the inconvenience of a hospital room and unwanted roommates.

2. The doctor visits the patient every day, assesses the physical and emotional state, corrects the treatment regimen, and monitors the correct detox dynamics. In addition, he remains in touch ready to help additionally, if necessary. 

3. The family supervisor (a sober adult relative or friend) gives the patient medication 4 times a day and helps with food and household issues.

4. After 2 or 3 days, the patient is already able to take short walks. 

Day after day increases distance and activity. Finally, they go on excursions, shopping, spa, or swimming pool visits.

5. After 6-8 days of detox, an opiate test takes place and the patient is prepared for implant fitting procedure of an opiate blocker for six months or a year. 

6. The next day after Naltrexone implantation, the patient can return home with our medications and recommendations.

Our rule of thumb is to discuss patients' treatment process only with relatives who accompany them personally.

Outpatient Detox Costs

 Lower cost of detoxification, because there are no expensive procedures with total anesthesia, no round-the-clock shifts of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, no long therapy sessions, etc. 

Who Is Eligible For This Heroin Detox Option?

People with heroin addiction, but without severe physical and mental illnesses. People who have their motivation for sobriety and are ready for therapeutic cooperation with our medical team. Ready to provide truthful information about their drug intake, their state of health and illnesses as well as about previous treatment and results. People capable of carefully carrying out the treatment program, distancing themselves from users and drug dealers, avoiding provocative situations.

Any type of outpatient heroin detox is not recommended in following cases:

- if the patient has severe physical or mental disorders that may worsen during opiate deprivation (bronchial asthma, heart failure, renal failure, psychosis, suicidal depression, combinations of different diagnoses, etc.) - an addict who is not motivated to live without opiates or who formally agreed to treatment under pressure from the family, the law, or other threatening circumstances

- emotionally immature and labile, aggressive patients without a stable mindset to get clean

 - addicts who are not ready for a week-long self-isolation and disciplined fulfillment of the requirements of our doctors and a family supervisor.


  • -Easy, painless, and safe opiate detox in 6 to 8 days
  • -You do not allow the cold-turkey symptoms to develop, and by taking medication on time, you prevent symptoms in advance. Therefore, there is no need to suffer from withdrawals, but sleep normally, eat, walk, swim and go shopping.
  • -You get protection from pain, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, and depression. Special medicines are given for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.
  • -The entire detox is very mild and relaxed. There is no stress, either mental or physical, because the elimination of heroin goes slowly, and gradually.
  • - No need to be afraid of needles, as injections and IV drips are not required.
  • -You don't have to endure a hospital environment, changing staff, or other patients as roommates with endless talks about drug use. No need for having to tolerate other patients.
  • -You eat what you like and when you feel like it. Sleep, walk, watch TV or surf the Internet, sit in a café, or chat with the locals on your own. Just make sure to avoid alcohol and drugs because that would disturb the medical process.

Smart Heroin Detox is significantly cheaper than a regular inpatient detox

Patient from Manchester about his outpatient heroin detox followed by Naltrexone chip.


Smart heroin detox UK, Ireland

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