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This is a story of an ex cocaine addict from Wakefield UK and his Naltrexone implant for cocaine addiction treatment experience:

  • - Hello
  • -Where I you from?
  • -I'm from Wakefield. - UK
  • -How old are you?
  • -I’m thirty-five years old.
  • -If I remember correctly, you were a weekend cocaine user at first, isn’t that right?
  • -Yes, that’s right.
  • -Then you’ve started using cocaine more and more often before you have become addicted to it.
  • -Yes, that’s right.
  • -Your addiction has been becoming more and more serious with time.
  • -Yeah.
  • -What can you say about cocaine cravings and interest in cocaine consumption after having Naltrexone blocker fitted?

How can Naltrexone implant help you with cocaine addiction?

Naltrexone blocker took all the cravings away. If you think about it for one second, something just comes through your mind and switches it off straight away. You think about it, but you wouldn’t want to take it. But most of the time you wouldn’t even think about cocaine. Just say it someone mentions cocaine to you, or you see someone taking it, you’d try to talk them out of it You’d try to think of something else and be more different to what you were while you were taking cocaine.

To be honest, I do recommend Naltrexone blocker, I’ve come back for the second one, and it’s a very good thing to have. If you’re on cocaine or crack cocaine, I do believe the implant can take all the cravings away from you while it’s in you.  It’s very, very good.

  • -Once you’ve taken Naltrexone blocker, actually, the same day you felt the cravings were gone?

How does crack cocaine affect you?

Crack cocaine is usually smoked (rather than snorted through the nose), although it can also be injected. Both of these methods of use mean the drug reaches the brain more quickly and produces an intense and immediate high. This high, however, is short-lived. Crack Cocaine addiction rates are very high because of the intense feelings of pleasure it can produce.

This is a true cocaine addiction story from our patient from Wakefield who's had two naltrexone implants with us.



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