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Naltrexone Implant Procedure

Preparations for Naltrexone implant fitting

Are you considering having a Naltrexone implant procedure?

First of all, it is recommended to read and understand information in regards to Naltrexone procedure and therapy before making a final decision. On this website you can find full information on Naltrexone implants and Naltrexone procedure. Should you still have unanswered questions, feel free to contact our Naltrexone specialists, either speak to your GP.

Secondly, please be aware of urine testing. Before the subcutaneous administration of Naltrexone blocker, we must be sure that a patient is clean from opiate and opioid drugs.  In other words, Codeine, Heroin, Tramadol may not be used for more than seven days. Methadone, Buprenorphine, Supstidol, Oxycodone, and other long-acting opioids may not be taken for more than 20 days. It is also necessary to refrain from alcohol, cocaine, crack for at least three days. If necessary, detox yourself from all these substances before your implant appointment.

The next step would be to book a flight to and from Belgrade / Nikola Tesla airport.

There is a time-saving option of flying in and out on the same day. In this case, the time between landing and return flight must be at least 4 hours. After discussing the date and time of the Naltrexone implant appointment, you can book the flights.

Send our manager an email with a copy of the flight ticket for booking the Naltrexone implant procedure and transfer to our Naltrexone Clinic.

Arrival to the Naltrexone implant clinic

Make sure you eat and drink enough fluids on the day you travel, as you do on typical days. Take a light bag with your essentials on board. Avoid large and heavy luggage.

When boarding your flight, please write to us that you will depart on time.

After landing in Belgrade, hurry to passport control and exit.

We will recommend a reliable transfer company or you can use a legitimate taxi service at the airport.

The trip to the clinic usually takes 20 minutes (if the city traffic situation is favorable).

Naltrexone consultation and paperwork

Upon arrival at the clinic, the patient gives a fresh urine sample for the opiate test.

They attentively listen to the doctor's information about Naltrexone implant therapy and receive the doctor's answers to his questions. Particular attention is paid to possible risks and life-threatening situations with attempts to use drugs and alcohol after implant placement. A patient has also been informed in detail about the prevention of infection, allergic and resection reactions to the Naltrexone implant.

The patient signs an informed consent document for the placement of the Naltrexone implant.

Surgical Naltrexone procedure

Before entering the surgical area, you will take off your outer clothing, put on overshoes on your shoes and lie down comfortably on the surgical table.

Naltrexone implant fitting procedure takes only a few minutes. The surgeon will select a suitable place in the lower abdomen and prepare the surgical site: shave (if necessary) and treat with a disinfectant solution.

Step by step process

1. Local anesthesia with Lidocaine solution.

2. Skin incision 2.5 - 3 centimeters.

3. Formation of the subcutaneous canal for the implant up to 8 centimeters deep.

4. Introduction of Naltrexone pellets into subcutaneous channel.

5. Imposition of 3 stitches.

6. Fixation of the sterile dressing.

After the procedure, the patient can get up and walk normally.

Naltrexone implant aftercare

Immediately after the Naltrexone procedure, the doctor assesses the patient's condition and asks about his health.

Antibiotics and antiallergic medicines with instructions are handed to take home. Also, the patient receives written medical recommendations for the further period, conditions for the postoperative observation, and contact with a doctor.

After the Naltrexone procedure, the patient can walk normally. However, it is rather important to restrict active movements and rest sitting or lying down for 3 to 4 hours.

Naltrexone begins to enter the body almost immediately after implantation. Its full effect on receptors develops in a few hours. Patients usually don't notice anything special. Rarely,  they may feel short-term dizziness, nausea, relaxation.

Naltrexone pellets, like any foreign body under the skin, are gradually covered with a fibrinous membrane. It is produced by connective tissue cells for implant protection. This capsule is permeable to Naltrexone molecules. At the same time, it protects the implant inside the human body mechanically, chemically, and antiallergics.

The membrane formation process takes at least a month. That is why during this period one must be especially careful and attentive. Try not to damage the formation of this tissue protection: avoid muscle activity, friction, and pressure in the area of the implant (sports, running, swimming, lifting weights, intense movements involving the abdominal muscles). Avoid alcohol, especially in the first month.

Naltrexone implant procedure