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This is a testimonial from a patient from London. How are heroin cravings & Naltrexone related?

  • - Hello.
  • - Hello.
  • - Where are you coming from?
  • - I’m from London – England.
  • - How old are you?
  • - I’m thirty-three years old.


- How long have you had heroin dependence?
- I’ve been addicted to heroin for nine years.
- What was your opiate addiction treatment experience, heroin detoxes, Naltrexone implants? Have you been to one of the UK rehab centres?
- I’ve just done heroin withdrawal by myself. I locked myself in the room and had withdrawals.

  • - Do you mean cold turkey at home?
  • - Yeah, cold turkey.
  • - How many times have you done cold turkey?
  • - How many times have I done cold turkey? Maybe five, or six times over the years.

- What about the naltrexone implant experience? Have you had Naltrexone implants before? How many implants? For how long? How long have you been clean while being on a Naltrexone implant? You have had one Naltrexone implant in October last year, is that right?
- Yes, I’ve had two six-month implants, and I received my first one in January this year.
- Since January you haven’t had any experiments with opioids?
- No, not at all, because of the implant.

What about heroin cravings & Naltrexone implant?

I don’t know if this… I don’t call it heroin cravings, but sometimes for brief second, a thought would come into my mind and then go straight away. If I know I can’t use heroin because that naltrexone blocks it

- Does a Naltrexone implant help you with heroin cravings, and obsessive thoughts about drugs?
- Yes, I think so, yes.
- Why have you decided to take a one-year Naltreone implant now? Was it your decision?
- Yes, it’s a lot cheaper option for the year in Belgrade compared to London (there are no implants available in London anymore, by the way). Having to go back there every three months to have the implant fitted is just not practical really.
- Ok, thank you very much.

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heroin cravings & naltrexone implant

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