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Experience With Anti-alcohol Implant

Success story about the anti-alcohol implant. This lady from London is sharing her experience with our anti-alcohol implant.

  • - Where are you from?
  • - I’m from London.
  • - How old are you?
  • - I’m fifty five.
    • - You have had some alcohol issues, is that right?
    • - Yes, absolutely.

    Can you, please, share with us how it was to fight alcohol addiction? And to feel sometimes that alcohol has control over your life? How was it for you?

    • - Alcohol was a big part of my life. And without alcohol I thought that I would be more unhappy, I wouldn’t be able to function. Alcohol took over my total life, my total existence. Although I did carry on working, I was functional, but I was drinking a lot.
    • - You have made a serious decision to take a twelve months Naltrexone implant (anti-alcohol implant) for alcohol abuse control.
    • - It was a major decision, although I made it quickly on the day that I decided to have an anti-alcohol implant. Because I knew that I had to do something because my life would probably end in disaster. For somebody else or for me and that’s why I knew I had to make that decision.
    • - So you have received your first Naltrexone implant.

    How did your lifestyle change after your first anti-alcohol implant?

    Completely changes. Getting a Naltrexone implant for alcohol abuse control was the best decision of my life!

    When I first came to the Refind Your Way Clinic, I was a mess and I couldn’t see how this will really help me. However, I was determined that it would and I believed in it. I’ve made that decision, and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made, undoubtedly.

    Because this really works and I actually got my life back. So while I thought alcohol was doing for me, my life is actually doing for me now. And I’m much happier and it has changed my life. This alcohol implant has changed my relationship with my family, especially my family, and my friends. And I’ve actually become to know myself now rather than what I was like with alcohol.

    My experience with anti-alcohol implant has changed my life!

    • - So you’ve got your third Naltrexone implant now . How was your Naltrexone implant procedure? Was the implant fitting fast and painless?
    • - Naltrexone procedure was very easy. In addition to that, It was easy to get here because it was very professional. And everything was very, very well done. Lots of correspondence. We’ve been in touch all the time. And it’s been amazing really, it’s been a big part of my life. The operation was very easy. All the procedure, very easy, no problem at all.
    • - Great, you are protected from alcohol relapse now. Congratulations!
    • - Thank you!
    • - We’ll be here for you next year in case you feel the need to have another 12 months Naltrexone implant for alcohol abuse.

    A lady from London shares her experience with Naltrexone implant (anti-alcohol implant)

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    Experience with anti-alcohol implant