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Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Crack cocaine had a reputation as a recreational drug. However, recently cocaine and crack addiction started to become a real problem knocking people off of their jobs, business, social, and family life.

Naltrexone for Cocaine abuse, read more:

Crack cocaine addiction is becoming more serious among intellectuals, creative people, artists as well as sportsmen, musicians, and other celebrities. Usually, they say "it was like a dope for indefatigability and productivity" or "it's just fashionable in high society". Yet over time, their cocaine consumption becomes overindulging and even unsafe. They find themselves in loss of control and serious dependence. Stopping on their own seizes to be an option.

Patient's review of Naltrexone implant for crack-cocaine abuse treatment

Crack cocaine smoking that used to be fun and occasional fun gets worse when they try to relieve the post-cocaine depression, paranoia, and psychosis with sleeping pills, alcohol, or heroin. As a result, a complex addiction develops very quickly. Moreover, the combination of cocaine and alcohol turns into cocaethylene in the body, which is more toxic. This unsafe combination leads to heart disease and heart failure.

Statistics about cocaine addiction in the UK

The statistics show that thirteen percent of people starting drug treatment in England, Scotland and Wales in 2018 reported primary use of smoking cocaine. There has been a notable increase in the number of people starting treatment for primary cocaine use in recent years. England has historically had a higher proportion of people with primary cocaine problems than the other countries of the UK, but these differences have narrowed over the past two years.

Accordingly, after a while, the person and their family discover that this is no longer harmless pampering and recreational drug abuse, but a serious health problem. The cocaine-crack habit requires a medical solution. 

What can be done with cocaine-crack addiction nowadays?

Disappointed in group therapy, long-term rehab isolation, and individual counseling, someone who can't stop smoking crack cocaine starts seeking medical help and medical treatment. We can see from our practice that Naltrexone can be the optimal solution for the cocaine habit problem. 

Why can Naltrexone help with cocaine habit?

  • Naltrexone for cocaine habit is safe, without significant side effects and contraindications.
  •  It's user-friendly as no long-term abstinence or preparations are required. Naltrexone tablets are to be taken once a day and implants only once every six or twelve months.
  •  Naltrexone helps with abstinence from alcohol and heroin. 

Success rates of the treatment of crack-cocaine addiction by the means of Naltrexone are not available yet due to a lack of scientific studies. 

There are few publications on the matter in scientific studies nowadays. However, according to our experience with a few hundred patients with crack-cocaine dependency, it is evident that 8 out of 10 people have stopped using cocaine, crack, and drink alcohol.

These patients do not experience cravings to smoke crack cocaine.

They feel protected from relapse.

They are not forced to suffer, practice strong willpower, and restrain.

These patients report that they don't have doubts either stress related to cocaine use.

This goes especially for weekends outings, which are the riskiest periods while they were still addicted to crack cocaine. 

Naltrexone implant for cocaine addiction treatment 

Naltrexone implant pros:

  • Eliminates cravings for cocaine in the long term. Our patients report that after the implant placement they stop having cravings and obsessive taught about cocaine
  • No need to take Naltrexone/Nalorex tablets on daily basis, either taking them on travelings.
  • No risks of forgetting, missing, quitting taking Naltrexone tablets. The implant is always there. It prevents relapse every moment of day and night.
  • Confidentiality. No one can see you with Naltrexone tablets.
  • Naltrexone implant have been dissolved slowly providing constant medications dose in one's body.

Naltrexone implant cons:

  • 10-minute long surgical intervention to fit the implant.

We recommend to test Naltrexone effects by taking a 50 mg tablet after being totally clear from opioids.

Should you still not be convinced that Naltrexone is something for your cocaine habit issue, don't rush with the implant. Start taking tablets of Naltrexone (Nalorex or Revia) every day, and within three to four weeks it'll become clear whether it works for you. 

We provide Naltrexone tablets, too.

When you are ready to have Naltrexone implant fitted for your crack-cocaine smoking habit, give us a call at +44 20 3289 8289 or send a mail at ask@refindyourway.com.

Naltrexon for cocaine habit

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