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If you find yourself being addicted to heroin and you want to stop, you can ask your GP or local drug treatment service for help. You can also get a drugs addiction treatment abroad as sometimes it may be faster and cheaper solution. Heroin addiction is a serious problem, getting help as soon as possible is very important.

As someone with drug addiction you are entitled to the same confidential NHS care as anyone else who has a health problem.

How to get treatment for heroin addiction?

Heroin is an opiate drug. Other opiate drugs include codeine, opium and morphine.

If you need treatment for your heroin habit (heroin addiction) or another opiate drug addiction (methadone) you can  see your GP.  You can also contact your local drug treatment service. Or search for a Drug Detox Facility abroad.

At your first appointment your doctor or drugs worker will ask you lots of questions including:

  • - how much heroin you take
  • - whether you are using any other drugs or alcohol
  • - how your physical and mental health is
  • - what your personal circumstances are, for example, where you live and who you are living with
  • - whether you have had treatment for drugs before

They will also ask you for a urine sample. This will be tested to confirm that you are using heroin.

You'll receive a key worker who will help you put together a personalized treatment plan. You'll meet your key worker regularly throughout your treatment.

Maintenance or detoxification (detox)?

Always go for a detox as maintenance therapy is just switching to methadone, subutex, suboxone, buprenorphine.  These drugs may make you even more addicted and harder to get off than from heroin.

Heroin detox UK allows you to get clean from heroin and maybe start with Naltrexone maintenance for starters.

Detoxification from heroin at a medical facility usually takes from 5 to 8 inpatient days.

If you're also addicted to alcohol or other drugs, such as benzodiazapines, you can get support with stopping these as well.

Overdose risk after detox

Detox lowers your tolerance to heroin. Your risk of overdosing is higher if you take heroin after detoxing.

Inpatient detox and rehab

You'll normally only be offered detox as a hospital inpatient or in residential rehab if:

  • - you need medical help for other physical or mental health problems
  • - you need to detox from alcohol or another drug, such as benzodiazapines, as well as heroin
  • - community detox hasn't worked for you before

Therefor a better solution may be to choose a right Heroin Detox Facility abroad at affordable costs and stop using heroin once and for all.

The first step would be to write an e-mail then answer the questions in regards to your drugs abuse history and health situation. Then receive all the needed information to help you decide traveling for a heroin detox treatment. The next step would be making sure your passport is valid, choose the dates, book the flights. You will be collected from the airport and transferred to the chosen heroin detox facility. In 5 to 7 inpatient days, you’ll be completely free of your heroin habit, maybe have a Naltrexone implant to stop you relapsing and start rebuilding your life.

Heroin Detox UK

Heroin Detox UK

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