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Heroin addiction & COVID19

How does the novel coronavirus pandemic affect drug and alcohol addiction? Heroin addiction & COVID19 proofed to be a dangerous combination. Across the two years of the spread of SARS Cov 2 around the planet, it became clear that the abuse of psychoactive substances has increased significantly. The rise in heroin abuse, cocaine abuse, and alcohol abuse means that the need for addiction treatment and the demand for Naltrexone implants are constantly growing.

What causes the increase in the abuse of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and other addictive substances?

There are several main reasons:

1. Stress from the restriction of freedoms, social isolation, an unexpected change in lifestyle and habits. Feeling lonely and not needed.

2. Anxiety from uncertainty, unpredictability, and uncontrollability of the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

3. Emotional stress and obsessive thoughts about the economic crisis, about the loss of earnings and the job itself, about inflation.

At the same time, the supply of illicit drugs on the black market is growing, and prices are bottom-low.

Addicts cannot go to the clinic, rehab, or group therapy as simply as before. It can be difficult to be able to see your GP to get prescriptions.

The easiest way is to get drunk and get high.

What to do in these difficult times?

What drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment makes sense during a pandemic?

The answer is simple - detoxification from alcohol and drugs and prevention of relapse by the means of Naltrexone implants, which are often called Naltrexone blockers.

The best way would be to detox in home isolation under the supervision of responsible family members (whenever possible). Immediately after drug detoxification - take a drug urine test to make sure that you're clear from whatever you've been smoking or injecting priory. 

Finally, use Naltrexone, as the most reliable way to maintain withdrawal symptoms. It is best to choose a long-lasting Naltrexone implant. After all, no one is sure whether it will be possible to freely visit the Naltrexone clinic in a month or three for another Naltrexone blocker.]

We have noticed that the responsibility and discipline of our patients have grown significantly during the COVID 19 period. Perhaps because only the most motivated patients overcome all anti-epidemic barriers to be able to travel and get to our Naltrexone clinic.  Could be because drug users became afraid of their "absolutely crazy use" when they are under lock during the lockdown.

Be that as it may, the use of alcohol, cocaine, and opiates is on the rise. The need for fast and effective treatment in the face of epidemic risks is also growing. We are here and ready to help. Prices of Naltrexone implants are not increased in our country, despite the global inflation.

 Heroin addiction & COVID19

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