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This is heroin detox review from our patient from London. They’ve been coming to our RefindYourWay Rehab Clinic co.uk for a few times now. This is their review on our different heroin detox programmes.

-         Hello! Where are you from?

-         London.

-         How old are you?

-         I'm forty-five years old.

-         How long have you been suffering from heroin addiction?

-         About 15 years.

-         When have you been with us (RefindYourWay Rehab Clinic co.uk) before undergoing sedated heroin detox?

-         I’d say maybe five years ago.

-         You’ve been coming from London a few times by now. You’ve had an inpatient heroin detox with us, an outpatient heroin detox, and even a home detox by using our detox medicines at home. Can you, please, compare all these heroin detox options? How was your experience with our drug detox programmes?

Londoner shares his heroin detox experience.

Reviewing different heroin detox programmes

  1. My inpatient detox I think was the easiest because I had doctors and nurses in the Clinic, so is more comfortable.
  2. Home heroin detox was good, everything worked properly. It’s just psychologically I was a bit scared on the first day because I started the detox a bit too early before the first heroin withdrawal symptoms, but the treatment worked properly.
  3. Outpatient heroin detox while staying in Belgrade, where I’m now, works for me excellently, everything has worked properly, and I had no problems with this heroin detox.

- Now you’re in Belgrade, in this comfortable apartment for your 6 days of outpatient heroin detox. How is it working for you? Can you tell me starting with your first day of detox? Have you had any withdrawal symptoms, perhaps? Sleeplessness or anything else?

- No withdrawal symptoms, no sleeping problems, everything goes excellent, fine. No withdrawal symptoms.

- You’ve been sleeping for the first 2 days, haven’t you?

- That’s right, yes.

- What about your third detox day? You haven’t been dizzy, or weak, but active, isn’t that right?

- That’s right, yes.

- Can you, please, tell me where have you been? Have you been walking around? Have you visited the city centre?

- I’ve been to Delta City, I’ve been to Bellville. I’ve been to the old city.

- You’ve been able to go out, take walks, visit restaurants, going for shopping from day 3 , haven’t you? Have you had enough energy for all those activities?

- Yeah, I have energy, I wasn’t tired.

- Today is day 5 of your heroin detox. How are you doing today?

- Today I’m good. A little bit emotional, but apart from that, physically I’m fine.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our outpatient detox programme.

7 days outpatient heroin detox costs £ 1200.


Heroin Deox Review

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