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By choosing Naltrexone Treatment Clinic in Europe, feel free to compare prices of Depot Naltrexone implants in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Continental Europe, USA, Australia. Our patients prefer paying £1200 for a 6 months anti heroin implant and £2100 for a 12 months one as they are the cheapest now.

Final price of Naltrexone implant depends significantly on how many sellers had increased its costs before it had reached a patient.

Another important factor is in what country Naltrexone Clinic is based and how much people have to pay for heroin as well as how much are the drug users willing to pay for the opiate blocker chip.

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"Prices of Naltrexone implants may vary and can be very versatile. For example, I’ve seen on Australian television some time ago that a 12 months Naltrexone implants costs 6000$. I recommend my patients to purchase naltrexone pellets directly from the manufacturer because it’s more reliable and much cheaper. 12 months naltrexone implants are available at the costs of 2300eur, and a 3 months implant 600eur, some places 500eur. I find these prices much more adequate."- said Dr. Shubaev.

Feel free to ask us about the actual Naltrexone Implants prices and discounts.

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 £ 1150 for 6-mns Naltrexone Implant (opioid blocker) £ 1850 for 12-mns anti heroin implant (chip pellets) Ask for the best Naltrexone prices for the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe on or call +44 20 3289 8289   Naltrexone implant prices   Naltrexone injection prices Naltrexone implant price Naltrexone blocker prices UK