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Part 2 of Naltrexone implant feedback from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Ireland - Dublin, Australia

The patient from Manchester is having his third Naltrexone implant.

A year Naltrexone implant could change your life.

Read more about Naltrexone implants.

The patient from London has undergone a painfree heroin inpatient detox and had a six months Naltrexone implant fitted.

Patient from England

37 year old patient from England with 15 years opiate addiction experience.

Feedback on painfree heroin detox: "It was very easy. At first I was scared to come expecting to have pain, but I did not feel pain at all. The staff were all good, food, everything, I was happy. Believe it or not I had no diarrhea, no sweating, nothing at all. Just sometimes a little bit cold, that's it."

After having a year Naltrexone implant: "If you want a life, come and have an implant. Believe me or not, you will have no pain, nothing."

A 43 year old Irish patient. "I was addicted to heroin for on and off seven years." After undergoing a painfree heroin detox, and having a twelve months Naltrexone implant fitted:  "I've read about a great success rate of the implant as it prevents you going back to heroin".

Irish patient reports that he feels ok after having his twelve months Naltrexone implant.

Naltrexone implant feedback from Manchester

I come from Manchester, England. I've had one implant in England before, and it did work for me, just can't get them anymore in England. I was fine, it was helpful.

This implant procedure now went fine, everything was sterilized, everything was proper. I did feel something, but it wasn't painful, maybe just a little bit. I've chosen a twelve months implant now.

Naltrexone implant blocks your receptors for opiates, stops your cravings. Besides, using heroin now would be a waste of time, and it wouldn't work, it would be waste of money.

I've come from Birmingham, England. I'm 45, have been 15 years on opiates. Had one treatment. Treatment here was good. I'm happy that I'll start a new, fresh life. I was treated very good at the Naltrexone Clinic.

My detox took 7 days, the first four 4 I was sleeping. I've been smoking two and a half grams of heroin before the detox. And I've been using for 8 years straight before coming to the Detox Center. I'll have Naltrexone implant because I need it to stop me using heroin again.

I had a detox because I was smoking one and a half grams of heroin. The first day I was sedated, I was asleep. The second day i was half awake, half asleep. Detox in general was all right to be honest.

Then I had Naltrexone implant.

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Naltrexone implant feedback

Heroin Detox and Naltrexone Implant Feedback

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