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Patients' mistakes after Naltrexone implant procedure

Typical patients' mistakes in the Naltrexone implant follow-up:

  1. When they are not in contact with their Naltrexone specialists by not mailing regular or urgent reports in case of any issues. By showing a lack of motivation, they drop out of their implant follow-up maintenance programme. A patient doesn't ask for our help and proper treatment when it is necessary to save the implant.
  2. Implant complications use to happen after muscular tension, pressure or friction in the implant site. These can be caused by physical work, sexual and sports activities. Consuming alcohol in the smallest quantities may provoke local reactions.

Usually, the implant/foreign body reaction starts with tissue irritation with local discomfort with light intumescence. If ignored then the visible inflammation can occur with redness, increased swelling, pain and hardening. The local or spreading red rush shows the allergic reaction development. If not treated properly in time the rejection stage leads to wound opening with yellowish or brownish puss. Naltrexone outflows slowly and then the whole pellets can be pushed off.

The opened wet wound is the opened gate for any infection to come into. So the treatment must be done timely and professionally.

Many practitioners who are not familiar with Naltrexone implant treatment mistake it for wound infections. Without our consultation, they try to solve it with different antibiotics. Unsuccessfully, as it is not a kind of infection. Our urgent diagnostics and correct treatment can save the situation. The implant issues treatment can be provided only with Naltrexone experts' consultations and supervision.

More types of mistakes after Naltrexone implant:

  1. Some patients who asked for our help started suitable therapy and soon noticed positive results of the treatment. However, they stopped communicating with us and stopped the therapy too soon. The inflammation may return back again.
  2. We provide our patients with medicines to prevent possible complications. Unfortunately, some of them do not use the meds properly and regularly.
  3. The wound treatment and sterile redressing are not performed professionally in a medical facility.
  4. Sometimes our patients leave the stitches for more than one week. Because of that, skin bacteria can penetrate into the implant area.
  5. If the wound dressing is opened before the stitches removal or it was wet for a couple of hours or one touched/ scratched the implant area it can be infected.
  6. In case of wound infection immediate diagnostics has to take place. Bacteriological tests to choose the best antibiotic, blood tests to follow leukocytosis, neutrophils and ESR and thermometric are a must.

All mentioned above are not the patients' mistakes in cases they tried to get rid of the implant and to finish their abstinence.

mistakes after naltrexone implant

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