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Rapid Opiate Detox & Naltrexone Implants Clinic

One of the biggest demands that we get from our clients is for them to be able to detox from opiates as easily and as cheaply as possible. The most required drug detox would be heroin detox. Then comes rapid Methadone detox, Buprenorphine detox, Tramadol detox, detox from Codeine etc.

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It is also important that medical opiate detox passes quickly, during sleep, because cold-turkey symptoms are unwanted. The entire detox process is safe and without risk to life and health. During the opiate addiction treatment, patients need to be able to maintain their activity and be clearheaded. Patients should be feeling fresh and able to read, surf the internet and easily communicate with loved ones back at home. Our medical teams must ensure that patients leave the Rapid Opiate Detox Facility in a normal state of health with some energy resources.

British businessman shares his experience about painfree heroin detox and naltrexone implant programme

Follow Up

We also recommend that clients take a stock of detox follow up medications because they want to maintain stable mood, a good night's sleep and healthy appetite. For these reasons, we feel very strongly that it is necessary that the price of an easy release from drugs is significantly lower than the average.  We provide affordable rapid heroin detox our Opiate Detox Clinic for patients from the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

Call now or send us an e-mail to get replies to your questions and set up an admission to your low-cost effective withdrawal- free opiate detox.

A lady from London shares her story about Naltrexone implant's success in alcoholism treatment

 Alcohol and Drug Detox Clinic UK

Rapid Opiate Detox and Naltrexone Implant Treatment Facilities for the patients from the UK and Ireland

This is what you can expect from our Drug Detox / Naltrexone Implant Clinics:

  • - Free consultations by phone +44 20 3289 8289 and e-mail ask@refindyourway.com.
  • - Free preliminary diagnostics to plan your personal DETOX+IMPLANT program.
  • - Organization of your admission to the DETOX+IMPLANT without prepayments, deposits or any other liabilities from your side.
  • - Also included is your cost- effective pharmacological follow-up treatment for a couple of weeks, before you make an appointment with your GP to get prescriptions of local medicines (if required).
  • - Free assistance with finding low cost flights, transportation and accommodation for your loved ones if accompanying you to the detox clinic.
  • - Free transfer from the airport, train or bus station if you order beforehand.


After a thorough cleansing from drugs and achieving negative drugs tests, many clients will find themselves confronted with the question of how to avoid relapse. Relapse is usually triggered by obsessive thoughts and dreams of heroin. One may have the urge to try "just a little bit" of heroin and find themselves trapped in drug addiction all over again. Cravings for opiates, obvious or hidden, are often followed by emotional tension, restlessness, and mood swings. They may vary  from depression all the way through to agitation and aggression.

Naltrexone implants clinics information

Heroin cravings can then be followed by periods of sleeplessness and loss of interest in everything except for heroin. Different vegetative symptoms and even pseudo pains are possible. Going without Naltrexone blocker implant, makes it very easy to talk yourself into taking a little bit of heroin and relapsing. Our patients from England, Scotland and Ireland prefer to avoid these problems by using an anti-opiate blocker. Our drug detox team will therefore arrange for slow release Naltrexone pellets to be fitted under the skin. Naltrexone will close the brain's receptors to the yearning for opioids for a period of a year minimum, allowing time for rehabilitation. Naltrexone blockers are designed for periods of 3, 6 and 12 months.

During their personal consultation with a physician, patient will choose the form of Naltrexone implant maintenance best suited to them.

Our Naltrexone Implants Clinic offers AFFORDABLE NALTREXONE IMPLANTS FOR 6 AND 12 MONTHS

It can be rather difficult for clients to raise money to attend the Rapid Drug Detox Clinic and make use of Naltrexone Implant treatment when prices are high.  They may want to cure their addiction but they will also be looking to have the money to support their habit as well as their costs of living. Not everyone is able or willing to pay in the region of £3000 for a pain-free in-patient detoxification, or to budget more than £1000 for a 3 month implants. Patients from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and continental Europe come to us because they are confident that they will receive a modern high-quality drug addiction treatment at much lower price.

Prices at our Naltrexone implants clinic

Our low cost HEROIN DETOX  program lasts for between  5 to 8 in-patient days. DETOX+IMPLANT is a budget rapid opioid detoxification and Naltrexone Implant treatment  that uses smart pharmacological technologies. As well as the latest medical equipment and  professional qualified medical staff.  All are absolutely necessary to enable you to detox from heroin. Expensive diagnostic and treatment procedures are not part of our package.

Forget about playing tennis, golf or polo and spending time at the swimming pool or spa.  Our budget plan provides you with only what you actually need during the opiate detox period. You will benefit from high-quality medical care 24/7, sound sleep, attention from trained and friendly doctors and nurses, a private room, cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Our Naltrexone implant clinic offers

The inexpensive heroin blockers (long-acting Naltrexone pellets) are also available. You can book Naltrexone implant maintenance for three, for six and even for twelve months. E.g. the price of a 3 months Naltrexone implant including the Naltrexone implant fitting procedure costs £550. Because of affordable prices you save more than you would pay at some other facility by purchasing the cheapest 3-months Naltrexone blocker from us.

Patients' testimonials about Naltrexone implant therapy

What you pay for

We don’t waste your money on expensive commercials and marketing campaigns. We don’t employ too many doctors or other medical specialists or personnel. Your detox doctor takes care of you together with nurses because they are responsible for you. Other medical specialists are on call to see you when needed. It’s very important for us to help you save on your DETOX+IMPLANT program and to direct your funds to continue Naltrexone maintenance and other personal goals.

We are very attentive to your opinion and appreciate your ideas on how we can make the LOW COST HEROIN DETOX program even more comfortable and inexpensive. Feel free to tell us about your opioid addiction experience (heroin habit) at ask@refindyourway.com.  Our doctors are always on hand to help you with your personal cost-effective DETOX+IMPLANT program.

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Book your Rapid Opiate Detox and Naltrexon blocker implant at our affordable Naltrexone Implants Clinic via ask@refindyourway.com and +44 20 3289 8289


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