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Naltrexone implants and opiate detox prices

Naltrexone implants costs

Rapid Opiate Detox costs

  •     Rapid opioid detoxification –   from £ 1300 (7 days detox £ 1700 )  -  to £ 3500
  •     Naltrexone implant for 3 months -   £ 550
  •     Naltrexone implant for 6 months  -  £ 1.200
  •     1 month Naltrexone depot injection  –  £ 250
  •     Naltrexone implant for 9 months -    £ 1700     
  •     Naltrexone implant for 12 months  -   £ 2.100
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Our Detox/Naltrexone Clinic is able to offer a three months Naltrexone implant. A six months Naltrexone implant as well as a year implant are also available. Naltrexone implant blocks the effects of opiates in the body. Therefor Naltrexone markedly reduces craving for opiates and several other illicit drugs like cocaine.

Naltrexone is also efficient in alcohol dependency treatment.

We offer  Naltrexone maintenance consultation on how to become opiate free. Staying off heroin in the long term is of great importance. Our Naltrexone implants clinic also provides implant follow up recommendations on how to take care of the implant site.

We are able to offer a detoxification service within our drug detox center. Please note that the admission must be planned prior to the appointment. No medical assistance is possible when a person comes for an implant fitting appointment only while not being clean.

We can offer advice on the various methods of opiate detoxification because they can sometimes be confusing.

Naltrexone for alcohol dependency

Detoxification is not required for alcohol dependency unless a patient is also using opiates (heroin, methadone, subutex, codeine, tramadol, oxycodone, morphine etc). Naltrexone does not block the effect of the alcohol but it mentally reduces and often totally abolishes craving for alcohol. The length of Naltrexone blocker may be for three, six or twelve months.

Note: urine will be tested during the Naltrexone implant consultation

Naltrexone implants prices