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What to bring

RefindYourWay recommends that clients bring 3-14 days of varied clothing they usually wear at home. We have laundry machines available for all clients to wash their clothes while they are with us. We recommend clients bring a few T-Shirts, Shorts, training suit, pajamas's,  a pair of slippers. Clients may also bring any toiletries they wish as long as none of the products contain Alcohol ( such as Listerine, Rubbing Alcohol, Hand Sanitizers ). We provide linens and bath towels but if you would like extra towels feel free to bring them.

Clients may bring CD players, appropriate DVD’s, small radios, mobile phone, lap-top, iPods  and books to help themselves relax during downtime. They will also need a phone or a tablet to be able to use Wi-Fi and stay in contact with their families.  If clients wish to bring extra money to be kept in the safe for cigarettes/extra they will be able to place an order each morning and our staff will get for them what they need. If clients are on any medications bring them with you so we can get a full assessment. Family may contact patients once a day by calling a landline (unless they're in touch by the means of the internet).


Our Program Managers can help you make travel plans to one of our facilities.

At RefindYourWay, we understand that this is a stressful time for our clients and their families. Clients are welcome to fly to the airport. RefindYourWay's Program Manager will meet each client at the airport. Our "door to door" policy ensures safe transportation directly to our facility and then to the airport or accommodation.

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