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Naltrexone implants, Naltrexone depot pellets, to be more precise, are the most popular form of heroin blockers nowadays. There are a few different kinds of Naltrexone blockers:  Australian implants for 6 or 12 months are based on biopolymers, meaning that Naltrexone molecules bind to biopolymers slowly releasing the medication into the blood stream of a patient providing a long term, gradual protection of all opiate receptors: slow released Naltrexone.

Americans use magnesium stearate. Triamcinolonewhich is  another important component of Naltrexone implants. It’s a hormonal medicine, long-acting synthetic corticosteroid, for treating inflammations and allergies, among others.  Triamcinolone protects patient’s body from allergies, reaction of rejection and local inflammation since the implant is a foreign body. The quantity, Naltrexone dosage contained in the implant is very important. Depending on Naltrexone dosages, an implant can have an effective length of 3, 5, 6 up to 12 months.


It’s a minor  surgical intervention, very brief, easy and simple. A patient lies down on a surgical bed, and a small skin site is prepared for the intervention. The placement site can be in the lower abdomen site, which is for the most of patients cosmetically acceptable, a belly button site, where no stitches or scars are visible, shoulder or some other site. Skin is prepared by antiseptic solution. Local anesthetics is given prior to making a minor incision up to 1 inch (2cm). Then a special channel, pocket is made where Naltrexone implant is entered by a special syringe. An implant might be in the form of a tablet or cylindrical or small pellet depending on a manufacturer. It is placed under skin in a very gentle and compact manner. Afterwards 2, sometimes 3 stitches are added under a sterile wound dressing. A few minutes later, a patient may stand up, say goodbye to the surgeon and easily, on his own 2 feet heads home.

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The follow up procedure is to take care of the implant site and  wound dressings avoiding any mechanical effects or impacts, keeping the wound dressings dry and having them replaced on regular basis. On 7th day the stitches may be taken of safely.

Person continues living a normal life afterwards. The only important moment is that any kind of pressure of the muscles around the implant site must be limited. For example, if the implant is placed under the abdomen skin, lifting heavy weight is restricted, as well as some intensive sport or other activities involving abdomen area.

In such a way, having that minor injection and subcutaneous implant placement once, one is protected for a couple of months. Very small dosages of Naltrexone are sufficient to provide a blockade. Clinical trials have proven that 1 nanogram of Naltrexone to 1ml of blood is efficient to provide Naltrexone blockade.

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£ 500 – £ 1850 for the Naltrexone Implant Treatment

£ 1300 – £ 2000 for Rapid Opiate Detoxification

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