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Importance of motivation in alcoholism treatment

Motivation is a primary component of the addiction recovery process. Sobriety motivation is essential for starting a serious alcohol dependence treatment. Motivation in alcoholism treatment also is required for therapeutic collaboration with physicians. Without the patient's motivation, it is impossible to achieve an actual result. Without motivation, the alcoholic can be forced to see a doctor, by using blackmail or other means of persuasion. You can persuade them by pleading, crying, and telling them that the whole family will end up ruined if they don't agree to treatment. 

And the alcoholic will agree at the end. They will even see an addiction specialist. But no matter what treatment they agree to, they may not be ready to agree to the result - to long-term sobriety, to a real change in their lifestyle. In that case, the recovery game cannot bring lasting success. For reliable results in overcoming alcohol dependence, the patient's actual self-motivation is a must.

Seven signs of high motivation for alcoholism treatment

  1. Seeking a rehab clinic and seeking help.
  2. Showing interest in the treatment methods. Asking a lot of questions even at the preparatory stage, before starting of the treatment process.
  3. Coming for the treatment independently, either being more active or proactive than the accompanying person. Taking responsibility for paying for treatment costs - paying by themselves  either borrowing (even it's within the family)
  4.  Being disciplined and attentive in the implementation of medical recommendations and prescriptions. Asking for clarification and clarification of their actions after the alcohol dependency treatment (in the follow-up stage).
  5. Reporting to the physician about treatment progress and asking for the physician's comments.
  6. Positive response to both the doctor's praise and criticism.
  7. After the end of the course of treatment, putting effort into maintaining the achieved treatment results. Interest in reinforcing treatment. Making plans for the future.

It happens that an alcoholic is afraid after the placement of the Naltrexone implant to be left without drinking. They are afraid of being sober, don't know how to live their lives without alcohol. Additionally, they don't believe in staying sober for longer periods of time and that they will be able to resist cravings for alcohol. Alcoholics go into alcoholism treatment facility with caution. Nevertheless, they want to try. They do their best to give themselves a chance to defeat alcohol addiction.

What happens after Naltrexone implant placement?

When, thanks to Naltrexone, the addict notices that their craving for alcohol is becoming less and less present and that they don't struggle without drinking, they gradually get used to being sober and are no longer afraid of it. This is a real victory. And even if at first it seemed that the person was not ready ready for the treatment, not motivated enough, after the Naltrexone implant is placed, the joy of lack of cravings and optimism awaken real motivation. "I would like to continue my sobriety as long as I can", is something the ex alcoholics report. Therefore, an alcoholic should always be given a chance. Moreover, before placing the implant, they can always try to take Naltrexone tablets. Then in a couple of weeks they will be able to check how the medicine works on them.

In addition, we always observe the patient's behavior before, during and after the implant procedure. Based on interest, consistency and discipline in their behavior, we evaluate the real motivation and focus on results. Then you can see who and how you can help.

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