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When Naltrexone may be harmfull?

What could be Naltrexone risks?

In many countries of the world, particularly in Australia, are mentioned death incidents during Naltrexone protection. It is necessary to understand clearly: Naltrexone does not kill, but heroin does. This may happen when man persistently tries to use opiate drugs over Naltrexone blocker.

If you are taking Naltrexone, you cannot get high from heroin or other opiate drugs because the medication blocks their effects. Sometimes people take large amounts of opioids to try to overcome this blockade. Do NOT do this! It is VERY dangerous and can cause overdose or death.

Check the videos on the internet, on youtube, and be sure to check the publications of these fatalities before deciding to start with Naltrexone therapy. Naltrexone blockade should not be given to those who are not ready to stay off heroin. Fighting against Naltrexone implants may be dangerous. Such people must refrain from Naltrexone therapy because it requires the responsibility and thoughtfulness of the patient.

Ex heroin users who have confirmed their consent, after being fully informed of the Naltrexone treatment, and who have seriously and thoughtfully chosen abstinence by using Naltrexone, deserve respectful treatment by medical doctors.

Naltrexone is used as part of medically supervised behavior modification programs. The main goal is to help patient previously addicted to heroin stay clean after successful opiate detoxification.

Naltrexone is also used in the management of alcohol dependence and abstinence in combination with medically supervised behavior modification programs.

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