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When is Naltrexone blocker needed?

Indications for heroin blocker application would be the prevention of opiate consumption. Naltrexone blocker also prevents relapse in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. 

Fields of Naltrexone application.

For example: when a teenager goes to a party with people he does not know, either they meet with other questionable teenagers, cautious parents give them a Naltrexone capsule before leaving. Then they can sleep peacefully. Even if someone accidentally or intentionally slips a teenager an opiate substance, their cells are protected with Naltrexone. In other words, there will be no euphoric effects of the drug. As such, there is no chance for dependency will not occur.

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Another application of Naltrexone is an urgent, immediate help during opiates or opioid overdose. In a situation where life is in danger. As there is a threat of respiratory arrest, a patient is urgently given an antagonist of opioid receptors. This method rapidly returns the patient to normal functioning.

The next application of Naltrexone is different methods of rapid opiate detoxification.

Antagonists are often implemented during the process of cleansing the body from drugs. Naltrexone is often used during ultra-rapid opiate detox. Thanks to its use, the "reuptake" of opioid molecules that are absorbed by receptors of the small intestine is prevented during opioid detoxification. This makes body drug free more quickly.

More indications to use Naltrexone blocker

Another application of Naltrexone is achieving remission. After cleansing the body from heroin, methadone, or other opiates, a psychological syndrome usually appears, an obsessive-compulsive urge, cravings for drugs: insomnia, irritability, mood swings, loss of appetite, and sometimes depression. The most important thing is that when the body is clean (free of drugs), and a person subconsciously thinks that heroin may act differently and much more intensely than before, it is harder to comply with the rules of remission.

Thanks to the induction of Naltrexone, persons' opioid receptors are blocked and protected. Naturally, memory, desire, and cravings for heroin are reduced, and man is much more peaceful. Many are saying this: "The weight off my shoulders is lifted, now I can sleep peacefully. I am protected from relapse."

At the beginning, which is the most difficult stage of remission, Naltrexone protection is the most important and very helpful. Naltrexone should be administrated for at least one year if not longer.

Long term remission

The next application of Naltrexone is the establishment of a solid, long-term remission and continuation of the same. Naltrexone can be used safely as long as necessary. We normally recommend Naltrexone for at least one year. However, it may be used take longer. When the patient is focused on long-term Naltrexone protection, they see their future more calmly and with more optimism, they go through the period of rehabilitation much easier. They also realize better their rehabilitation potential and psychological and spiritual potential.

How long should you use Naltrexone blocker?

Finally, it is always possible to return to Naltrexone for three and four years, whenever the need arises. If it comes to suspicious situations, risky acquaintances, some provocation. Same goes for the sudden appearance of the memories of the past related to drugs, cravings for drugs, the Naltrexone blockage still can be renewed.

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