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The meaning of Naltrexone blocker's effect consists in the fact that covers opioid receptors of our cells protecting them from drug abuse. This means that in the case of drug abuse, the drugs can not reach the cells and can not affect them and cause intoxication. Use of drugs becomes meaningless and useless.

Drug addiction ceases automatically. However, there is also another important aspect.

If a man having the Naltrexone blocker, takes an opioid substance, not only he will not feel the usual effects of opiates but he takes risk of overdose. This is an extremely important warning and doctors have to inform patient who is starting with the Naltrexone blockade. It is very dangerous to experiment with the Naltrexone implants and to test its effect. What are the risks then? When the opioid receptors in the body are closed by using Naltrexone, then entered heroin molecules only circulate in the body but can not reach the opiate receptors. Man does not feel anything, and if he increases the dose and tries to override the Naltrexone blocker, he may again feel nothing, and so for the third, fourth time, until the dose becomes dangerous and deadly. Unfortunately, man can take such an amount of heroin for which Naltrexone becomes powerless so heroin causes overdose.

Every man who brings such a responsible decision and begins with the Naltrexone blockade must have a good understanding of the therapy, and choose a quiet, clean life without experiments. No heroin over Naltrexone!

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