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Naltrexone is produced in several pharmacological forms.

Naltrexone forms:

  1. Implants
  2. Injection of Naltrexone
  3. Naltrexone pills

In this article, we are going to name all of Naltrexone forms.

Naltrexone implant

Secondly, there is Naltrexone depot, so-called Naltrexone implants or Naltrexone pellets, placed under the skin in the course of small surgical intervention. Naltrexone implant is fitted by pushing the Naltrexone pellets out from a special syringe. The safest area on the body would be the abdomen. Sometimes Naltrexone implant is placed in the navel, arm, buttocks, but the abdominal area would be the best option.

Naltrexone implant for six months and a year Naltrexone implant UK

The inventor of one type of Naltrexone implant is an Australian doctor George O Niel. Dr. George O Niel continues to refine his conception of Naltrexone blockers based on depot polymers. These implants are gradually dissolving in the body, releasing the necessary dosages of Naltrexone. Drugs mplants are available in Australia under specific conditions.

Americans apply salts of fatty acids of Naltrexone. In most cases, Naltrexone binds to magnesium stearate. Dr. Lance Gooberman has developed this type of implant, which is mostly used in Europe. Dr. Lance Gooberman is a pioneer in Naltrexone implants development.

Naltrexone injection

Thirdly, there are liquid forms of Naltrexone - Naltrexone injections.

Naltrexone injections came out recently. Naltrexone shots are Naltrexone palmitate or Naltrexone in cotton oil. Intramuscular injection of Naltrexone medication provides blockade of opiate receptors for one month. The injections are usually packed in five doses per vial. Vivitrol and Naltrexone injection work 28 days.

Scientists are trying to develop longer forms of Naltrexone depot. That would be Naltrexone implants for 24 months, which means that medication placed once will be able to provide reliable relapse protection for two years. However, they are not available yet.

Naltrexone tablets

Firstly, there is an oral Naltrexone in the form of Naltrexone tablets.

Naltrexone tablets have been named differently depending on the country: for example in some countries it’s  Revia, or Naltrexone hydrochloride (in the UK can be prescribed by a GP but in Ireland or Canada not available at all), in other countries Antaxon, Nalorex, Trixan, etc.

  1. Revia
  2. Naltrexone Hydrochloride
  3. Antaxon
  4. Nalorex
  5. Trixan

A standard dosage of the Naltrexone tablet is  50mg, which is more than enough to cover the opioid receptors in the period of 24h.

Where can you buy Naltrexone tablets in the UK and Ireland?

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