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One Year Naltrexone

So far, the longest active Naltrexone implant has been a one year Naltrexone implant. One year Naltrexone implant is essential to those patients who have made a firm decision to go for long-term abstinence.

They want to establish their abstinence with an opioid blocker for as long as possible. These ex-heroin users do not want to take the risk of the short implant expiring, while not having the opportunity to get a new implant instantly. Some of our clients even ask if it is possible to get an implant for 2 or 3 years.

Unfortunately, there are no such implants yet. Although who knows, perhaps new technologies will make such drug implant protection possible.

We can help you with a 6-month Naltrexone and a year Naltrexone blocker

Technologies used to produce one year Naltrexone

Until now, the developers of Naltrexone implants for 12 months have followed three rules:

1. Binding Naltrexone chemically to a special molecules carrier

- Over time, this connection weakens and Naltrex. gets loose from its carrier.
- Next, the bloodstream carries Naltrex. throughout the body and reaches the opiate receptors. This provides receptor protection from heroin for many hours.
- Then, another released piece of the implant will come.
Thanks to such a smart process, slowly dissolving and “sticking off” more and more portions of the blocker from itself, one year Naltrexone implant administers relatively constant amounts of the blocker into the patient’s body.

This 12-month implant usually contains up to 3900 mg of naltrexone.
Besides Naltrexone, there is its carrier that will take longer to disappear. The carrier may become an additional allergen, causing inflammation reactions.

Please note that the concentration of Naltrex. for some patients is not enough to provide sufficient protection for the entire year.

Accordingly, after a while, the person and their family discover that this is no longer harmless pampering and recreational drug abuse, but a serious health problem. The cocaine-crack habit requires a medical solution. 

2. Another method to package Naltrexone in a long-acting implant is to prepare an extra fine Naltrex. powder and compact it under strict control of temperature, humidity, etc. 5000 mg of pure Naltrexone gives stronger receptor blockade because of high dosages. However, the risk of allergies at such high concentrations increases. Especially if you neglect the rules and recommendations after fitting a large implant.

Therefore, we recommend trying a 6-month blocker first. Providing that everything goes well, you can order a 12-month Naltrexone blocker.

3. There were attempts to wrap the pellets with soluble films.
When the activity of one pellet is completed, the next one gradually starts working when its film dissolves. This is a smart, forward-thinking idea. Although, it is not yet certain that the rate of dissolution of the film is reliably the same for different people. There is a risk that someone will have “windows of defencelessness” when the previous pellet has already expired, while film still covers the next one.

Certainly, there will be new methods. Even combinations of existing ones might provide the right amount of opiate antagonist for a longer period.

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