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Cravings management program is for people who have opted for abstinence using Naltrexone protection, we have developed a special program called Infoturn. , Infortun is the change of life direction using  information and holistic therapies. It consists of a bio-psycho-social rehabilitation complex.

Infoturn is a very intensive program for acceleration of endorphin system rehabilitation for the release of hormones of happiness. Therefore, cravings management program. Patient undergoes special sessions using the computer program. Training with special holistic practice that can be performed independently at home as much as needed. Using information therapy they delve deep under their subconscious and encountering the real them. They recognize themselves, they reveal their talents and hidden motivations.  He is now revealing his potentials and resources which he was unaware of and they start thinking about their life mission and the meaning of their own live. They fulfill their life with interests and pleasures so life becomes highly interesting and tasty. That is why the Infoturn is created.

Thanks to that, a good mood, good sleep, excellent appetite, communication skills, desire for new friends, interesting ideas and fantasies activation is established very quickly. Very fascinating discoveries is seen during the program. But the most important thing is that a new concept of his new, future life is building. He now realizes in which direction to move and begins to wonder how he could be struggling at the bottom of a life of drug addicts for so long.

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