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Naltrexone Implant Follow Up

Naltrexone implant follow up is an important part of recovery process. In making our best efforts to help patients go through this process as smoothly as possible, we have set up a few clear Naltrexone implants follow-up recommendations.

Follow-up after the surgical procedure for subcutaneous placement of depo Naltrexone pellets has several purposes.

  1. Firstly, to ensure proper integration of the medicinal foreign body in the patient's body. To do everything possible to avoid infection, allergies, inflammation, and implant rejection.

  2. Secondly, to show yourself, your relatives, and doctors your discipline and genuine active motivation for successful recovery.

  3.  Thirdly, by following the follow-up instructions and reporting on recovery progress or challenges, receiving medical support and additional recommendations. Don't expect doctors to chase you. Our medical team will clarify your doubts and will try to help you only when you contact us.

What happens after the Naltrexone implant procedure

Immediately after placing the implant, the patient informs our medical team about their health state and fulfills several conditions from the day one :

  1. Limiting activities to three-four hours, trying to provide rest to the muscles around the implant site. Spending this time mainly sitting or lying down. It gives the surgical area a rest so that the implant integration proceeds correctly from the very beginning, without complications.

  2.  30-40 minutes after the implant fitting procedure, the effect of local anesthesia begins to gradually disappear. The patient knows that neither pain nor discomfort, but only a new sensation of a foreign body under the skin will last for a couple of days until the brain gets used to it and stops noticing it. Do not touch or scratch the implant site! Keep your sterile bandage dry on your implant area. Do not open it. Use additional patch to attach it, if necessary.

  3.  Starting with follow-up medications prescribed by the physician.

    From the day two, the activities may gradually be intensified. Short distance slow walks are possible, increasing day by day. Other light activities can also be introduced gradually.

During the first month, while the fibrous protective tissue is forming around the implant, you should be especially careful to avoid any intensive muscle activity with pressure or friction on the implant area including the following:

  • -Sports and fitness training involving the implant area
  • -Running, jogging, jumping
  • -Lifting and carrying weights
  • -Swimming
  • -Involving the implant area in sexual activities

It is very important not to drink alcohol to avoid causing inflammation and rejection of the Naltrexone implant and other complications.

The next stage of Naltrexone implant follow up

Starting from the second month, when the Naltrexone implant for addiction treatment is already more protected by the inner tissue membrane, the activity can be expanded. Start and gradually increase sports activities - swimming, fitness, jogging, etc. Only remains to avoid boxing, kickboxing, and other martial arts, where direct damage to the Naltrexone implant area is possible. It is very important to maintain the integrity of the naltrexone blocker and fibrous membrane carefully wrapped by the implant.

In case of any damage, redness, swelling, discomfort in the implant site, you should immediately inform the Naltrexone specialist and your local doctor to immediately start treatment and save the implant. If all goes well, you can write regular reports to the Naltrexone specialist once a month. After the expiration of the life of the Naltrexone implant, its residue should not be removed.

Gradually, in a couple of months, it will dissolve itself. If you decide to continue with new implants, book your appointment two weeks before the expiration of the previous implant.

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Naltrexone implant follow up

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