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Part 3



A patient from Canada on his opiate detox from 120ml of methadone. In the course of 10 inpatient days detox, the patient was detoxed from methadone without withdrawals. “The detox was excellent, no problems. It was an easy detox for sure, no pain”.



A client from Norway on his heroin detox and Naltrexone implant treatment: “The detox was very easy. i slept good and ate more than I usually eat at home. I got an implant and I don’t have the urge to use heroin because I know there is no point”


A client from Dublin – Ireland on his rapid opiate detox after 20 years of heroin abuse: “I’ve tried them all, I’ve been to America, this is definitely the best detox, without a doubt… Every day I was fine, I was getting drip, medications…I was perfectly normal, this is the first time that has ever happened in the detox for me. I’ve chosen a prolonged implant”


A client from London – England (UK) on his opiate detox in Serbia compared to other opiate detox methods: “This was the best one I’ve ever had. The person who recommended it has had it twice and said this was the best place to go.. I was put to sleep for the first days so I don’t get the major withdrawal symptoms… I didn’t even know that first two-three days have come by, that’s how good they were… All of the staff speak English”



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