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Heroin After Naltrexone

What happens if I take heroin after the expiration of Naltrexone implant?

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If you take heroin upon the expiry of the foreseen deadline of Naltrexone implant effects, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. In some cases, despite the expiry of the foreseen deadline of implant effects, Naltrexone concentration in the blood remains pretty high. Therefore, the heroin blockade still exists. In such case, patient will feel nothing or weakened effect of heroin, which does not provide him the expected feelings.
    There are 10 % of such cases.
  2.  In most cases, after the expiration of Naltrexone effects, i.e. when Naltrexone is depleted. Therefore, Naltrexone implant no longer provides the heroin blocking effects, the receptors, rested from heroin use are quantitatively multiplied and  their sensitivity qualitatively enhanced. Body cells become extremely sensitive to opiate drugs like heroin. Therefore, even the smallest amount of heroin could cause overdose and even fatal outcome unexpectedly.

Naltrexone implant may work longer than anticipated.

Restrain of using heroin at least a month after Naltrexone implant expiration date!

Remember that there may be remains of Naltrexone in the system!

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Naltrexone implant may work longer than it is meant to in about 10% of cases.

Heroin after Naltrexone implant

What if I take heroin over Naltrexone?

What happens when you take heroin over Naltrexone?

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