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A lady from Northern England shares her heroin withdrawal experience.
Medically assisted detox from 4g of heroin daily intake at Refind Your Way Clinic.

  • Hello
  • Hello
  • Where are you from?
  • Northern  England.
  • How old are you?
  • Forty-nine years old.
  • You have had a heroin habit, is that right?
  • Yes.
  • When did you start using heroin?
  • I started using heroin when I was twenty years old.
  • Have you had any heroin detox withdrawals before?
  • Once.
  • You did try cold turkey at home, didn’t you?
  • Yes, just before I came here.
  • Your heroin withdrawal attempt was not successful.
  • No, it wasn’t.
  • This is your first medically assisted heroin detox. You are in Belgrade now. I know that your heroin intake was up to four grams per day. Is that right?
  • Yes.

About Medically Assisted Heroin Withdrawal Experience

  • You’ve been brave enough to come to our Refind Your Way Centre in Serbia to undergo heroin detoxification, our outpatient detox. How was it for you?

I didn’t feel a thing.  I had no cold turkey symptoms. I’ve slept really well. I slept for about three days. Never had any withdrawal symptoms, really.

  • So you’ve been sleeping for the first three days. You didn’t experience any withdrawal symptoms, no pain, no suffering?
  • No, no withdrawals.
  • What about your mood? Any depression, anxiety, or mood swings?
  • No, I feel fantastic.
  • Good. What about appetite? Could you eat during your detox?
  • The first three days I didn’t really eat very much because I was asleep.  But then I’ve been to KFC, McDonalds because I have a very good appetite now.
  • Very well. What about your activity, have you been outdoors from day 3, walking in the neighborhood. Where have you been except for McDonald’s?
  • I’ve been at McDonald’s, KFC, I’ve been shopping, I got my hair done, been at coffees, been for walks…
  • So you are feeling good and you are going back home today
  • Yes, I’m going back home.
  • We wish you all the best.

Thank you and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me because I couldn’t have done it without coming here.

Thank you!

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