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Naltrexone is neither a cure nor therapy for the treatment of psychological addiction to drugs. Cravings are also called urge and obsessive need to use heroin. Naltrexone is neither sedative nor tranquillizer. It is  not neuroleptic medication nor antidepressant. However, Naltrexone plays a significant role in the treatment of psychological addiction to opiates, popularly called cravings or urge to use heroin, other drugs and alcohol.

The thing is that when the opioid receptors are certainly blocked and well guarded by a powerful guard called Naltrexone, a person becomes more self confident. They are more at ease, and it is much easier for them to face the reality of this complicated world. They experience accidental encounters with heroin addicts or drug dealers far easier. Same goes for situations that might remind them of the past often initiating strong urge or cravings for heroin .

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Thus, patients having Naltrexone protection in their body are much less anxious regarding their future. They have less cravings, need and desire to take drugs. Night sleep is much better, as well as appetite and mood. Depression occurs far less along with other signs of cravings; anxiety, nervousness and aggressiveness are much less frequent.

Relationship with the loved ones becomes more convivial. Communication, openness, interest and even infatuation improves. They become much sincere and more emotional when their mind is freed from bad thoughts of an addict's past.

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