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Disadvantages and Benefits of Naltrexone Chip

When choosing a Naltrexone implant, you must take into account the use of all its benefits. You also need to take into consideration the prevention of possible issues and complications. Having weighed the "pros and cons" of having Naltrexone chip, you can make an informed decision whether to start or continue with Naltrexone therapy.  You are free to choose the duration of your implants, as well as to take breaks or end the use of a subcutaneous opiate blocker often called a heroin chip.

Benefits in favor of Naltrexone chip

- Firstly, you do not need to take Naltrexone tablets every day because the chip is always there. You don't have to take Naltrexone (Revia, Nalorex) tablets with you when traveling.

- Secondly, there is no risk of forgetting, skipping Naltrexone medication. No risk of changing your mind, and returning to your addiction "just for a little while" because Naltrexone is always with you.

- Thirdly, you immediately choose long-term abstinence. There is no suffering from doubts, whether or not I will remain sober. This is a decisive step towards rehabilitation. This is a real chance to change your life.

 - It is easier to maintain the confidentiality of therapy since no one will see your medication labeled Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist. Unlike pills, the implant provides a more constant concentration of Naltrexone in the blood plasma. Naltrexone concentration is sufficient to block heroin. At the same time, it's not too high to harm your body.

 - Naltrexone subcutaneous pellets enter your system immediately after the implant procedure. The blocker gets to the brain to protect it from addiction right after the implant fitting. Naltrexone tablet goes to your liver first poisoning it. Liver deactivates the tablet partially.. Then some remains of it reach the brain. Therefore, when swallowing Nalorex tablet, larger amounts of Naltrexone are required.

  - If you run out of the blocker pills suddenly, and you cannot immediately purchase new ones, these high-risk days can be a dangerous instigation of anxiety, emotional disorders and behavior, and relapse. With the implant, however, you have a constant feeling of security, calmness, and confidence.

Possible complications

- Firstly, a patient without sufficient motivation for abstinence may consciously purposely or subconsciously fight against the Naltrexone blockade. For example, some people try to remove their implant on their own or damage it, infect it. Then they force the surgeon to remove the implant. There are cases when patients hit themselves in the implant area. They may even burn the skin with an iron to cause inflammation, infection, and rejection of the chip. Others, contrary to the recommendations and regulation, put pressure on muscles around the pellets, rub this area, drink alcohol, and cause irritation, allergies, wound opening, and implant rejection.

 - Secondly, after opiate detoxification, the immune system is usually compromised. This means that without professional replacement of a sterile dressing and antiseptic treatment of the skin. Also correct removal of stitches, the infection can be brought into the implant area. Especially if the patient touches, scratches, or walks around without a sterile dressing.

 - Thirdly, diabetics with high blood glucose are at risk of slow and difficult healing of any wounds. Therefore, they should be extra careful in following the postoperative recommendations.

- Patients with active hepatitis or in a period of severe liver dysfunction risk worsening of their condition even from small amounts of Naltrexone. In such cases, it is better to deny Naltrexone chip because of possible issues.

- Most importantly, with Naltrexone blockade one doesn't dare use opioids because an unexpected life-threatening overdose may occur. Patient must be very serious and responsible about avoiding drugs and provocative company and situations.

Naltrexone chip, yes or no?

In conclusion, all these risks and potential problems during treatment with Naltrexone chip are well known to us. We have more than twenty years of experience with Naltrexone. These issues are well known to Naltrexone experts all over the world. Therefore, for their prevention, rules, and recommendations for patients have been developed and tested. We provide them in writing in an e-mail. Thanks to this, recommendations and regulations cannot be lost or forgotten. Just read them over and over and follow them to the dot.

benefits of naltrexone chip

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