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Naltrexone maintenance expert, dr. Victor Shubaev, answers your questions about Naltrexone

Naltrexone is pure, total opioid receptors antagonist. What does “antagonist” mean? It’s a blocker; it’s a protector and a “guard” having a high affinity to opioid receptors. Antagonist has a high chemical similarity to opioid receptors and it “sticks” to them not letting drugs substances getting near. What does “pure opioid antagonist” mean? It means that it doesn’t have any agonist characteristics nor stimulates opioid receptors in any way and doesn’t make any “buzz” effect. What does “a total opioid antagonist” mean? Total means that it affects all 4 groups of opioid receptors, in the forefront to Mju and Kappa receptors, which are responsible for “getting high” as well as physical and psychological effects of drugs.  They are responsible for forming dependency to opiate drugs. In such a way naltrexone protects all groups of opioid receptors from drugs, not leading to any kind of specific sensations. Naltrexone was invented in 1963th year. The pioneer, inventors, makers of this medication was American company Dupon pharmaceuticals. After enormous research efforts, they have made this pharmacological substance based on poppy seed.

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