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Vivitrol and  Naltrexone in oil solutions
There are different types of liquid Naltrexone forms application techniques.

Vivitrol – for example, is based on micro polymer granules. This medication can be applied by a specially trained medical doctor. Vivitrol is applied by a special syringe, packed in a special package, it is a particular set of suspension preparation. After having the suspension prepared, it is necessary to rapidly, in the quickest possible way apply the intramuscular injection. That requires experience, even special skills. Otherwise, irregular intramuscular shot  could cause complications.

Naltrexone solution  in oil shots are much safer. They can be Naltrexone palmitate or Naltrexone solution in cotton oil. This oil solution is kept in the fridge, dark environment, and dark glass vial, which is original packing.

A dosage for 4 weeks is being taken from the vial by a standard syringe, warmed up to the room temperature and then intramuscularly applied. It’s done calmly and without rush. Any medical nurse or any GP is able to give a simple intramuscular Naltrexone palmitate shot.

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