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Easy Heroin Detox Clinic (VITA Facility)

VITA Detox facility is specialized in modern pain-free low-cost detoxification from heroin and other opiates. This is the place where people from England (London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham etc.), Wells, Scotland, Ireland and English speaking patients from different countries get admitted.

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Firstly, we can provide safe and comfortable Rapid Opiate Detox at minimum costs . The in-patient heroin detox normally takes 5 to 7 days, and is done under sedation. Our opiate detox program is usually followed by the 6 or 12-mns Naltrexone Implant maintenance at the best detox and Naltrexone implants prices in the UK and Europe.

Secondly, we don't offer a standard drug rehab program and the Minnesota's 12-steps groups.

We provide the following:

  1. Affordable painless rapid opiate detox (methadone detox, heroin detox, subutex/buprenorphine detox, suboxone detox)
  2. Opiate blocker in the form of Naltrexone implant
  3. Unique treatment of psychological dependence (cravings for drugs, insomnia, irritability, depression and mood swings, etc. should you ask for it at the end of your drug detox).

This is one of the reasons why we have been so successful at helping many others before you in achieving true long-term sobriety.

Last, and perhaps most important, you should come to the Rapid Drug Detox and Naltrexone blocker program "RefindYourWay" because we are committed to your success. It's about giving you a new lease on life. It's about regaining a life of hope and happiness.

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  • - Heroin detox from 1250 GBP.

  • - Naltrexone implants from 250 GBP.

  • - Admission within 2 days.

  • - A room with Wi-Fi and cable TV.

  • - 24/7 medical supervision.


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Easy Heroin Detox Clinic (VITA facility) for the English speaking patients

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