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Part 1

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“I would like to thank you for help and taking care of us. I am very pleased that my son has had the implant and now we can look to the future for a while at least. I would not hesitate in recommending your clinic. Once again thank you, take care best wishes from Scotland.” “I would definitely come to Belgrade again for another implant in a year if I feel I need another one/could afford it. But I’m hoping this 12month implant will be the end to this terrible addiction journey. The 3month implants that I have had previously have been fantastic but they don’t give you enough time to move on. I was always aware in my head that they would only last 10-12 weeks and there wasn’t much time before I might be able to try heroin again. They didn’t give me chance to let go. But I’m hoping the 12month implant will give me long enough to move on with my life on a different and better path and give me enough time to actually let go and forget about heroin. Please pass on my thanks to everyone,  but especially you Maria for all of your assistance, you really have been superb!” England

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